3 stanza love poem

The Clarity Pyramid is a poetry form designed and constructed by Jerry P. A Clarity Pyramid is a poem consisting of two triplets and a single line 7 lines in all. Usually, this poem is center aligned when displayed.

3 stanza love poem

To have a sweet husband, so wonderfully like you. From my heart, I really mean. You are my loving King, and I am your Queen. I'm so darn lucky, for all the love that we share. About my well-being, from day one, you did care.

3 stanza love poem

Our love is immense, with mere words, hard to explain. You are my sunshine, when we dance in the rain. I'm so darn lucky, to have a husband like you. Holding your hand, life has a beautiful view.

Just one more thing, please allow me to say. My love grows for you, with each passing day. She actually plans on making a scrapbook out of them. This is by far the easiest category for me, because I am always infinitely inspired by her love.

I don't have to use my imagination, like I do for most of the other categories. I simply look into my heart, and express how I feel.

You may also want to check out these romantic poems. Good luck sharing the following love poem with your precious wife. My Wife I love you so dearly, I love you so much.

My life would be empty, without your voice and your touch. You are my precious wife, that I truly adore. All the simple things, make life with you sweet. Like those kisses we share, each morning we greet. You're the most beautiful wife, both inside and out. Our love bloomed like a flower, it began with a sprout.

All of my blessings.Definition of Quatrain. Quatrain can be defined as,. A poem, unit or stanza of four lines of verse, usually with a rhyme scheme of abab or its variant, xbyb”.

or “The rhyming four‐line groups that make up the first eight or twelve lines of a sonnet are also known as quatrains”. This is the first poem I’ve considered the syllabic range, and quite happy I was to be able to write every line with the same syllables!

*dances* Imagine this poem as something that a princess or some royal person commanding a servant in a castle.

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The stanzas in a poem are usually one of the divisions of the poem, composed of two or more lines mostly characterized by a common pattern of meter, rhyme, and number of lines .

Answered In Poetry. Nov 05,  · And thou art dead, as young and fair ⁠ As aught of mortal birth; And form so soft, and charms so rare, ⁠ Too soon returned to Earth! Though Earth received them in her bed, And o'er the spot the crowd may tread ⁠ In carelessness or mirth, There is an eye which could not brook.

“Love (III)” is the final poem in a triptych (three-part series) on the subject. Read the earlier “Love” poems here and here and think about how they connect, or don’t connect, with one another. Share one or all of these love poems with that special person in your life.

Whether it's your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife, these verses are meant to touch their heart. Simply add/remove any stanza you wish. You could even mix and match your favorite stanzas from the other verses that you'll read below.

Now that love poem was.

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