A description of basketball as an athletic sport

What is sports performance training? Based upon these guidelines a 12 month program is made which includes intensities, durations, frequency, and rest days or weeks.

A description of basketball as an athletic sport

Posted in Job Descriptions Summary An athletic equipment manager is responsible for all new and used athletics supplies of a team. He is in charge of maintaining, ordering and inventorying equipment and apparel. Duties Duties and responsibilities of an athletic equipment manager include procuring, supervising, and maintaining inventories, such as all athletic uniform and equipment of a specific athletic team.

Athletic equipment managers provide storage area for all athletic equipment, oversee the fitting and necessary adjustments needed for uniforms and equipment of team players; and supervise laundry and locker room maintenance.

They are also in charge of ensuring uniforms and athletic equipments are clean and well stocked. Athletic equipment managers supervise the transportation of athletic equipment to off-campus events, oversee the proper setup of equipment in both home and out-of-town games of the team, and ensure the availability of equipments and uniforms at all times.

Athletic equipment managers also hire and supervise athletic equipment staff, work closely with coaching staff, buy supplies and equipments, inspect and repair damaged equipments, accompany teams on trips, and prepare budget estimates for equipment.

Education and Training Requirements A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement for an aspiring athletic equipment manager.

In order to be employed with the more popular and professional athletic teams, significant experience and some level of training may be necessary. He must be able to possess communication, mathematical and some sort of computer skills.

They must be well organized and be able to get along with many people. Working Conditions Heavy lifting and carrying may be required of athletic equipment managers as they will be in charge of the transportation, assembling and disassembling of certain equipments. He will be constantly exposed to outdoor weather conditions with noise levels in moderation.

Travel along with their team is required for most athletic equipment managers. Some equipment may be dangerous to work with which means that managers should take precautionary measures.

Their salaries depend greatly on whether they work for a professional team or a local high school team. The team they are working for may also provide benefits and other types of compensation.

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Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials Umpires, referees, and other sports officials preside over competitive athletic or sporting events to help maintain standards of play. They detect infractions and decide penalties according to the rules of the game.

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A description of basketball as an athletic sport

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A description of basketball as an athletic sport

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