An analysis of the novel chant of j blacksmith by thomas keneally

Plot[ edit ] Jimmie Blacksmith, a half-caste child of an Aboriginal mother and a white father, is raised to adulthood by the Reverend Neville and his wife Martha, hoping their influence will civilize him and provide him greater opportunities in early twentieth century Australia. With a letter of recommendation from his foster family, he goes out in search of work to establish himself, but is taken advantage of by multiple parties. His first employer, Healey, repeatedly shortchanges his pay by nitpicking his fencebuilding work, and refuses to write a job recommendation to avoid admitting he himself is illiterate.

An analysis of the novel chant of j blacksmith by thomas keneally

Thomas Michael Keneally — Australian novelist. Keneally is one of his country's most prolific contemporary writers.

An analysis of the novel chant of j blacksmith by thomas keneally

He is of Irish-Catholic descent and spent several years studying for the priesthood. Unable to accept traditional Catholic doctrine, Keneally left the seminary, but his writing is pervaded with his continuing concern with human conscience and moral principles.

Early novels such as The Place at Whittona gothic horror story set in a seminary, and Three Cheers for the Paracletewhich features a liberal Catholic priest, directly reflect his religious experiences.

Many of his later novels, however, center on historical incidents.


Peter Ackroyd has commented that, "In Keneally's hands the historical novel is redeemed as the raw materials of the past are turned into a kind of fable.

Critics praise his narrative voice, his careful characterization, and his sense of place. Bring Larks and Heroesdescribed as the historical novel that "made his name," depicts social interaction within the early convict society. Another important novel, The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmithoffers insight into Australia's race relations by reforming the story of a half-breed turned outlaw.

Other novels dealing with war include Gossip from the Forest the Armistice ofSeason in Purgatory the partisans of Yugoslavia during World War IIConfederates the American Civil Warand his recent Schindler's Ark the survival of thousands of Jews from the Holocaust due to the efforts of a German industrialist.

Early Novels

Schindler's Ark, which won the prestigious Booker McConnell Prize inexemplifies Keneally's skill at personalizing history. See also CLC, Vols.Browse through thousands of study guides on classic and modern literature. Get detailed summaries and analysis, character desctiptions, themes, and quotes.

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