Comparison of french and american revol

French Revolution The American Revolution is a fascinating and enormous subject, with many parallels to the French Revolution, and it would be impossible to discuss every aspect of it in only a few paragraphs.

Comparison of french and american revol

In France around there was a massive movement for the recognition of freedom for all people. The French Revolution was an incredibly important time for not only France, but also for Europe and European colonies. Incredibly important actions were being implemented in the drive towards the rights of citizens.

Not only were the rights of the common man being discussed, but also the rights of the colonial slaves, religious minorities, and even women. Up until this time women were treated as second-class citizens and often viewed as the property or a commodity of a husband, father, or society in general.


Women had a very difficult time arguing their points but there are still sources today that help establish how these women were treated and how they were doing their best to end the tyrannical oppression forced upon them by men in their society.

Women did however, face many prejudices before and during the French Revolution. One such prejudice was that women were defined by their sex and marriage and not by their occupations. So, because they were defined by their sex, wom en were seen as physically weaker than men.

Men also believed that if women involved themselves with the political sphere, they would neglect their own sphere in the home and their ultimate role as women. Women were attempting to make a point as to what they deemed should be explicitly any citizens right and what they should have access to which included: Not only did women want access to these rights, but women were also willing to take the responsibilities that would come along with the rights.

The American Revolution vs the French Revolution

One of the individuals was a man named Condorcet, a newspaper journalist. Condorcet strongly believed that men and women were equal and that women deserved to have the same rights.

Even though Condorcet does see the difference between men and women, he still argues that the biological and educational differences do not make women more weak or less than men. De Gouges uses this pamphlet to recreate the Declaration of the Natural Rights and changes it to include women as equals to men.

Aristocratic revolt, 1787–89

Articles one through seventeen is an entire list of rights that she believes women should have The last key player is a man by the name of Prudhomme. Prudhomme was a bookseller and published numerous underground pamphlets throughout the course of the Revolution.

The Revolution was about exploitation and wanting to change the makeup of society since the First and Second Estates had all the power. The women did not get anything out of the Revolution, their voices held little sway in what was happening in their beloved country, the Revolution called for a change for the better which women did not receive.

Most importantly, why were the lives of the women not changed whatsoever during the French Revolution? Was it because women lacked certain physical abilities compared to men or because men did not view women as intellectually smart enough to have certain rights?

For whatever the reason, de Gouges stated it best: Women, when will you cease to be blind? What advantages have you gathered in the revolution? The French Revolution and Human Rights: A Brief Documentary History.Key Differences and Similarities Between French and American Culture. Through this article, we will look into the good deal of differences and a little bit of similarities that exist between the United States and France.

Here's the summary of observations on the American and French culture. The American Revolution is a fascinating and enormous subject, with many parallels to the French Revolution, and it would be impossible to discuss every aspect of it in only a few paragraphs.

Comparison of french and american revol

American Revolution- We used guerrilla style warfare, and won by allying with the French. Russian Revolution- This was a very long war, that eventually turned into a civil war. America has expanded upon its initial freedoms and rights that it won in the American Revolution.

- Comparison of the American and French Revolutions The American and French revolutions both compare and contrast in their origins and outcomes; both revolutions began due to the common peoples need to obtain independence and liberty from an oppressive government.

Comparing and Contrasting the French and American Revolutions Essay - In comparing and contrasting the French and American Revolutions, are notable differences but there are similarities as well.

Of course, each was fought for a different cause. The American Revolution was a break from the mother country, Great Britain.

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