Ethics husi and mcdonalds

But as the standards of doing business change along the supply chain, will these moves end up costing companies more in the long run? One year later, several U.

Ethics husi and mcdonalds

Vote Now in Urgent Poll "Food safety is a top priority for McDonald's," the company stated on its Chinese microblog, adding that there is "zero tolerance for illegal behavior" in safety laws.

According to The New York Timesthe Shanghai-based Dragon TV aired hidden camera footage of workers at Shanghai Husi allegedly using chicken meat that was two weeks past its expiration date, and beef that was as much as six months past the date.

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The Dragon TV report showed workers supposedly hiding supplies of expired meat from McDonald's inspectors during an audit and then resuming its use once the audit concluded and McDonald's personnel left, reported the Times. Taiwan-owned sandwich shop chain Dicos issued a statement as well, saying it also has stopped using Husi as a supplier for its sausage patties, reported the AP.

Bloomberg News noted that in December Shanghai authorities reported that it found high antibiotics levels in eight batches of chicken supplied to Yum by Liuhe Group Co.

The company also supplied meat to McDonald's in China at that time as well.Jul 22,  · One of the biggest food scandal ever to hit China involves the Shang Hai Husi Food Company, meat supplier for multi-national fast food chains such as McDonalds . Nov 30,  · A sharply contrasting example is the Husi China chicken food-safety scare.

This had a very high level of PI — "I might eat something that poisons me." Consumers voted with their wallets and Husi’s customer, McDonald’s, saw immediate decreases in sales volumes.

Ethics husi and mcdonalds

McDonald's legal cases. Yum Brands (operator of KFC and Pizza Hut in China) discontinued its operations with Husi Foods (and thus OSI Group). However, McDonalds merely switched factories, preferring to continue their association with OSI Group as they believe the quality of meat is higher and this was an isolated incident.

Jul 22,  · McDonald’s and Yum Brands’s KFC restaurants in China seem be to weathering the storm surrounding food safety at a meat supplier, although the pair’s Shanghai locations appear to .

Jul 22,  · The new food safety scare caused both McDonald’s and Yum! Brands to drop Shanghai as a meat supplier.

Ethics husi and mcdonalds

Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd. is a major supplier to . Nov 19,  · McDonald’s: Using Unsafe Meat() a reporter on Dragon Tv in China that secretly filmed employees inside of a processing plant located in Shanghai called Husi Food. The employees were caught picking the meat off the ground that had been dropped and continuing to process it along with the rest of the meat using their .

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