Haunted house poster book report

Myra Panache's book of original stories, "Book 1: Short Stories" has been released. After a night of partying, Rebecca Koster was dropped off at her home by her boyfriend and two friends.

Haunted house poster book report

It is an iconic piece of architecture and this website is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro House and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples. Futuro "Reports" Yet To Be Researched Updated Added From time to time comments on Futuro articles and postings include references to possible Futuro location both past and present.

Listed below are comments that I have come across that I have not yet had the time to research. Once researched each will be added to its own section on this page.

In the meantime and in advance of my finding the time to research each of these if anyone is able to provide any additional information that helps either confirm or refute any of these possible Futuro locations please let me know. I can be contacted by email or by using my Contact Form.

Australia - Moorabbin, VIC " Story was that they came from the set of the 's movie "Under the Sea". Wish I would have investigated it I think it was likely sold for scrap. My friend Tracy Tolzmann some other friends, and I made a super 8mm movie about an alien invasion with it as the spaceship.

It's in bad shape, as the one in this photo. I always wondered about the strange shape. Also there was one on Bolivar peninsula. As a kid, I thought it was so cool getting your hair cut in a flying saucer.

Later, someone build onto it until it was totally enclosed and unrecognizeable. They were a flop as housing, but quite a novelty!

It was on a elevated plat form. May still be there. Is it possible someone bought it and moved it? What ever happened to them is unknown at this time. It was a dealers lot at one time.

I remember they were there since the 's. They were across from Moore's Lake. I think it's still habitable!. Mackinaw is between Peoria and Bloomington-Normal.

Haunted house poster book report

Does anyone know where it is now? It was cool, but just not the sorta thing for me. This actually reminded me of a comment from years ago [] on the blog " Hooked On Houses " which read "There was a Futuro house used as part of a hair salon here in Sun Prairie WI. The small "strip mall" was called The Galaxie Plaza, built about The "space ship" was at the street corner end and was part of the salon.

It was removed at least years ago.May 02,  · The amenities at these hotels and inns include luxurious linens, gorgeous views, and the possibility that a resident ghost will stop by to make your visit more exciting.

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Home "HORRIFIC MURDER MYSTERY" A sadistic killer stabbed a year-old woman to death, hid her mutilated body and then used the victim's cell phone to taunt her family by sending text messages that made them think she was alive, say police.

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Haunted house poster book report

In the book The Haunted Hotel, three detectives named Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are staying in the Shangri-la Hotel. While they are there, they hear stronge noises.

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