Marijuana calling florida for new amendment essay

Polls suggest that all four ballot initiatives are likely to pass, which would mean that one in four Americans will have access to legal weed. Michigan Michigan could join nine other states in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana if voters choose to pass Proposal 1. The proposal would allow the personal possession and use of cannabis for state residents who are 21 years of age or older. It would also convert current criminal marijuana-related charges to civil infractions.

Marijuana calling florida for new amendment essay

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But this is something we cannot ignore. Bondi claimed on Fox News that she expected to talk about one topic, only to be called out by Mr. Cooper on her anti-gay rhetoric.

Supreme Court, she fought back by telling Mr. Cooper that she was merely defending the Florida Constitution when she stated that gay marriage would "induce public harm" to Floridians. When she realized that her interview was not going well, she decided to shift the subject.

It sounded like a statement that came from nowhere.

Marijuana calling florida for new amendment essay

She went from saying that she insulted the LGBT community because she was defending the Florida Constitution to a whole different subject.

Here is the transcript from CNN: You - you know - no. What we argued was, it was in the constitution of the state of Florida.

Let me give you an example. A year-old could get it if [a medical marijuana amendment] passed. We took that to the Supreme Court.

Because of that language - hold on. That first medical marijuana amendment she opposed failed. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi speaking out against the medical marijuana initiative in Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post.

Does NIH permit or fund studies on therapeutic benefits of marijuana or its constituent chemicals?

Many people who support the new Amendment 2 cheered, and optimism started to grow. But there were a lot of folks who thought that Amendment 2 was going to pass easily in as well. It won a majority, but not the required 60 percent.

Something similar happened to the younger voters in Florida, who showed up at the polls in conspicuously lower numbers than had been suggested by the polling. There are many in Florida who are just not ready in their minds for legalizing medical marijuana.

A case in point: When I wrote in a Huffington Post blog that she would like to use medical marijuana for the pain, she and our family got hassles from every direction, including our neighbors. Who is against this source of a large number of medicines that actually predates our modern civilization, which holds the keys to treating everything from chronic debilitating pain to epilepsy to even cancer, and does, without side effects, what Big Pharma, with billions of dollars to spend on research, has yet to accomplish?

How do we get the message to them that they have to vote Yes on Amendment 2? The first solution is my upcoming book, "The Great Green Hope" which will be released later this summer. It highlights the stories of real people whose lives have been saved or treated by the use of medicines derived from cannabis.

Marijuana calling florida for new amendment essay

Watch for it and look for someone who may need it. It will change their minds and lives, and maybe save them one day. I would like to invite well known personalities like Whoopi Goldberg, who uses a vape pen to control the pain from her glaucoma; Montel Williams, who uses it to manage his Muscular Sclerosis; Oliver Stone, who used it to avoid the agony of PTSD; Morgan Freeman, who manages the pain from a near-fatal car crash; and a host of other great celebrities who have used their fame to advocate for the medicine that helped them and lend their star power to us fighting here in Florida.

To the celebrities I mentioned and the ones who have not yet stepped into the spotlight to save millions of lives, Florida is waiting for your help and guidance.Cruz is able to get medical marijuana with THC under an existing Florida law that allows the terminally ill to get euphoric medical marijuana.

With more than 71 percent of voters approving Amendment 2, more patients will be able to access medical marijuana. Aug 08,  · Florida Agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam made clear his opposition to a proposed constitutional amendment to allow medical marijuana use .

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida Florida Laws for Medical Marijuana Use. The passage of the November amendment to Florida’s previous medical marijuana laws requires the Florida Department of Health to establish new regulations regarding the licensing of medical marijuana doctors in Florida and dispensary operations.

Among the myriad legal issues confronting states like Colorado that are experimenting with the legalization of marijuana is the need to regulate “pot tourism” by persons from other states where marijuana is not legal.

In Colorado, the final recommendations from the Amendment . Medical marijuana laws have been sweeping the country??" find out how Florida's new medical marijuana law will impact your company.

Voters approved of a constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana use in Florida, and the Governor signed applicable regulations into law.

Catholic bishops in two states — Massachusetts and Florida — have come out against legalizing marijuana. In Florida, Amendment 2 would legalize medical marijuana.

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